Dr. Levy Add Ons

All Dr. Levy Add-Ons can be incorporated into any facial, using Dr Levy award-winning, patented formulas proven to stimulate dermal stem cells to decrease wrinkle depth and increase skin density:

Radiofrequency (using Forma)

What are Dr. Levy Add Ons?

Harnessing a Nobel Prize-winning discovery – that ageing is reversible – Dr. Levy’s skin care is phenomenal; proven to revitalise the dermal stem cells that create essential collagen for smoother, firmer, stronger skin.

An anthropologist-turned-trained medic-turned-dermatologist, creator Dr. Phillip Levy is a laser and wound-healing specialist who strove to develop a way to re-boot ‘worn out’ cells and kick-start the production of collagen. The result? This patented range starring ArganCellActiv Complex – the first formula proven to stimulate, protect and nourish skin’s own regeneration system. Independent clinical studies performed on women aged 39-61, have shown that with Argan Stem Cells extracts, skin density can be increased by +12.7% and wrinkle depth decreased by -26.2% after 8 weeks of treatment.

Indications for Dr. Levy Add Ons

Dr Levy states that ageing already starts at around 20 years-old and theoretically one should start the creams at 20.

In reality, we only notice that at 30 years-old many patients start to have fine lines and fine wrinkles, especially at the crow’s feet area. However, would 50 years old be too late to start treatment ? Definitely not!

Patients at 50 years-old regularly using the products and receiving treatments have been amazed at the significant improvement of the texture and smoothness of their skin.

The Treatment

Dr Levy products will be used as appropriate during your chosen treatment to target specific areas and concerns.

After the treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles, are less visible. The skin texture is more refined and redness is decreased. The result is a clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime.

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