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Category: Slimming

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19th June 2017

5 Ways to Get Summer Body Ready

It’s time to shake off the chilly spring weather and look forward to some fun in the summer sun!

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16th May 2017

CoolSculpting : The secret solution French women swear by

There are a few areas of the body that are more likely to collect fat than others, this includes the stomach, and the outer and inner thighs

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18th April 2017

Is Coolsculpting® safe?

The objective of a Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting) session? To get rid of those stubborn fat rolls.

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22nd December 2015

Liposuction vs Coolsculpting®

For decades, liposuction was the first treatment one had in mind when it came to losing weight or getting rid of localized fat pockets.

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1st December 2015

Say bye bye to holiday handles!

As we all love to celebrate properly Christmas season, we tend to put on a couple pounds. This is where Santa The Well comes in.

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17th November 2015

The truth about Cryolipolysis: Cold against Fat

Brought in England in 2011, Cryolipolysis technique is increasingly getting famous, but what do we really know about this medical practice?

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17th November 2015

Get ready for a Coolsculpting day !

Tired of not being able to fit in your favourite pants or favourite dress? The Well has the solution and it is NOT called liposuction.

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6th November 2015

The Genius of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive and safe procedure.

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