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28th January 2020

Win a Beauty Treatment Package Worth Over £700

We are offering one lucky client the chance to win a ‘beauty treatment package’ worth over £700

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25th October 2017

Winter holidays are quickly arriving and we want you to look fabulous.

Winter holidays are quickly arriving and we want you to look fabulous.

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25th September 2017

Dark circles, wrinkles, pockets… How to fight against the effects of time?

Eyes are the most fragile area of ​​the face. Wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, pockets...

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19th June 2017

5 Ways to Get Summer Body Ready

It’s time to shake off the chilly spring weather and look forward to some fun in the summer sun!

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16th May 2017

CoolSculpting : The secret solution French women swear by

There are a few areas of the body that are more likely to collect fat than others, this includes the stomach, and the outer and inner thighs

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3rd May 2017

Everything you need to know about antioxidants for a younger looking skin

We often hear about antioxidants without really understanding their many benefits.

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8th February 2017

5 Easy Ways to Lose Winter Fat: Get ready for Spring!

Gaining weight in the winter is not a myth. Who could resist curling up on a cold night with a bowl of hot, steamy food?

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7th February 2017

5 tips to reach a glowy complexion

In winter, the complexion is often grey, dull and lacklustre. Fear not, there are simple tricks and effective products that allow for a glowing complexion all year round!

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26th October 2015

Coolsculpting® for Lower Face Definition

Definition of the face is a characteristic that’s been admired for centuries, pretty much since the days of ‘Beauty Queen’ Nefertiti...

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