Reiki, Healing & Aromatherapy

What is a This Treatment?

This treatment specialises in energy healing through the power of aromatherapy.

A session combines aromatherapy, reiki, crystals and intuitive touch to restore emotional wellbeing to even the most stressed-out of souls. Each treatment is unique based on your needs, from massage, vibrational aromatherapy, reiki, to the use of crystals and tarot, whatever you need will be identified and use to maximum effect.

Indications for Treatment

This is the saving grace for many people, from frazzled overworked people through to celebrities and VIPs alike.

The most common reason people book in is stress, but a wide variety of complaints, from aches and pains to infertility can benefit, there is no reason to not seek out a reason to spend time in our calming presence.

The Treatment

Each treatment is bespoke, customised for your own unique needs. The treatment is a response to how you feel, and your body’s energy.

Consultations can be in-depth to gain an understanding of where support is most needed to help you. The premise is that all of us operate at a certain energy frequency that is optimal for us, but the stresses of modern day life, hormonal imbalances, illness and so on cause this to be imbalanced. The treatment aims to bring us back to our ideal point of operating, which is why all the treatments are entirely bespoke, by sending energy to where it is necessary, remove blockages, and direct it away from where it is not.

After the treatment

After each treatment clients report a feeling of relaxation, calm, and internal shift towards positivity.

There is no downtime, but it is advised to maximise on the benefits of the treatment and relax afterwards.

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