What is Threading?

Threading is an ancient art of plucking facial hair, unwanted or outgrown hairs are plucked gently with a loop of thread. Unlike waxing, threading can remove every hair from its root.

Our experienced thread aestheticians can precisely define your brows with a controlled threading technique and give you newly defined and sharp eyebrows. There is no contamination of residual while threading on one’s skin, clean shaped brows are the end results of this beauty service.

Indications for Threading

Threading is an effective hair removal method for sensitive skin on the face.

The Treatment

During this treatment, you may be asked to pull the skin on your face in opposing directions so the skin is taught and easy for the therapist to perform the threading. It may feel like tweezing multiple hairs at once.

After the treatment

You may experience temporary rosy skin which usually resolves within an hour.

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