Spray Tan

What is Spray Tan?

We use the very latest St Tropez products, which develop in less than half the time of their previous range, so you can decide how sun-kissed, or bronzed, you want to go. Enjoy your treatment and choose your tan intensity. Tan develops in 1-3 hours.

Indications for Spray Tan

Spray tans are suitable for all skin types, but please wait a minimum of 24 hours after waxing before having this treatment.

The Treatment

You will undress and be given disposable underwear to wear if you wish. A therapist will apply the St Tropez tan with a spray gun evenly. Wait between 1- 3 hours before showering. 1 hour for a light glow, and 3 hours for a deeper bronze.

After the treatment

Don’t wax after the treatment or exfoliate as this will remove the tan. Once the tan starts to fade, exfoliate the skin gently to ensure the tan fades evenly.

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