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Samira Kazemzadeh Lic.AC, Acupuncturist

Meet Samira Kazemzadeh and her unique approach to ageless ageing for the face and body. Her treatments are known to be cutting edge and very powerful alternatives to our trusted facials and medical treatments.

Samira is a licensed acupuncturist who apprenticed under the renowned Gerad Kite, learning extensively about the body, ageing and healing, making her a powerful Five Element Acupuncturist. But she also specialises in cosmetic acupuncture and Advanced Collagen Induction, a natural alternative to other aesthetic treatments, and has honed her skills over the years, leading to a renowned reputation and an ever-growing list of dedicated clients.

Samira’s energy and intuitive nature make her treatments completely unique, with results often seen and felt immediately.

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Samira Kazemzadeh Lic.AC, Acupuncturist
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