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Kristian Wood Osteopath

Spiritual Osteopathy to Heal Those Aches and Pains

When it comes to bodily aches and pains, there’s often more to it than meets the eye, which is exactly what osteopath Kristian Wood addresses.

He’s well versed in fixing injuries, but his healing practice takes his appointments much further than that.

Part of a session with Wood might involve physical touch to release a trapped muscle or nerve, and the rest is a mix of energy healing and therapy, so that aches caused by emotional stresses and blockages can be dislodged for good. He has been written about and referenced by everyone from Goop, Get The Gloss, Kelly Hoppen, The Times, and has also written for various publications including The Telegraph.

Kristian’s approach is to encourage you to regain the power over your recovery that conventional medicine may have taken away, and to help you take control of my life again. This man has been keeping backs straight, necks in line, and heads on shoulders, as well as minds sharp and souls intact, for 20 years. Book a session with him to feel the difference for yourself.

Make your bookings directly with Kristian on 020 7243 0007.

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Kristian Wood Osteopath
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