BTL Emsella

What is BTL Emsella?

BTL Emsella® is a breakthrough non-invasive treatment for incontinence and confidence. It is the first FDA-approved device for non-surgical treatment of overactive bladders, urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity in women, providing a safe and non-invasive solution for intimate health and wellness issues.

The device is a chair that uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field to activate the pelvic floor in a way that exercise cannot.

Indications for BTL Emsella

BTL Emsella is suitable for all women who would like to enhance muscular control in the bladder and pelvic floor, those suffering from the effects of incontinence, or looking to restore inner strength following childbirth or hormonal-related changes.

This treatment achieves best results when used in the early stages of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), however benefits can be gained no matter what stage of SUI this treatment is used.

The Treatment

BTL Emsella® is an ergonomic, chair-like device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to cause deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation and restore neuromuscular control.

You can sit comfortably, fully clothed, while targeted tissues of the pelvic floor and muscles are stimulated, increasing muscular strength. In doing so, urinary incontinence is decreased, vaginal walls are tightened and sexual satisfaction is increased. A typical treatment takes roughly 30 minutes and provokes up to 11,200 contractions – the equivalent of performing 11,200 Kegel exercises!

You will sit on the chair, fully clothed, for the treatment time. The treatment is not painful, a “tingly” sensation is common.

After the treatment

There is no downtime with this treatment, you are free to resume normal activities immediately after a treatment.

Improvements are noticeable after a single session; however, 6 sessions, 2-3 days apart, will encourage continual and long-term strengthening, with incontinence noticeably reduced, if not eliminated.

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