What is Waxing?

Make waxing a treat with our specialised treatments using Lycon Wax for virtually pain-free hair removal.

Waxing involves removing hair from the root using the best waxing system available, Lycon, which is formulated with the finest resins, pure beeswax, and sensuous aromatherapy and natural plant oils. The waxes are low temperature, super pliable and gentle to provide a nurturing skin conditioning treatment.

Indications for Waxing

Waxing is a quick, safe hair removal method that is longer lasting than shaving, suitable for everyone.

Our specialist Therapists are trained to the highest level and armed with the best waxing products for all skin types, ensuring a virtually pain-free wax.

Male Waxing

Waxing isn’t just for females, discover the art of manscaping with our bespoke male waxing treatments.

Pregnancy Waxing

Our highly trained therapists offer intimate waxing for Mothers-to-be ahead of your new arrival. Specifically designed to prepare and pamper the most intimate areas up to a week before the pushing begins, expectant mothers should feel as calm and as comfortable as they can when their due date arrives. Some women can find that waxing during pregnancy can seem more painful than usual, but whether you want leg waxing during your pregnancy or bikini wax, our expert therapists can minimise this with our treatments specially designed for you. Our waxing is designed to be as bespoke and pain-free as possible without compromising on effectiveness, leaving you soft, smooth and relaxed. Most importantly, our therapists understand that a body in the 2nd & 3rd trimester moves and behaves differently during pregnancy and needs to be treated accordingly.

The Treatment

During this treatment, you lie back and let us do the hard work. It is successful on areas where there is sufficient hair growth. All areas of the body can be waxed.

When ½ leg waxing is booked, this will include the knees, feet and toes.

When ½ arm waxing is booked, this will include the elbow, hands and fingers.

A full face wax will not include eyebrows!

After the treatment

There is no downtime for this procedure, you can resume your daily activities straight away. However, as with all waxing, your skin may appear red or irritated after the treatment.

This only lasts for a short time depending on each person. We recommend wearing breathable clothing in order to avoid irritation. You will feel skin is also smoother as a result of the waxing.

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