The Well 320MHz Qi Balance Facial

Vegan & Eco-Friendly

What is The 320MHz Qi Balance Facial?

This 60 minute treatment combines the exclusive 320MHz products, which are vegan friendly, sustainably sources and free from synthetics and preservatives, with ancient Chinese Medicine using the Hayo’u jade Guasha face tools for a deep cleansing and even deeper massage experience.

Indications for The Well 320MHz Qi Balance Facial

Recommended for: all skin types, anti-ageing

The Treatment

This is a 60 minute treatment, starting with a deep cleanse, followed by extractions, mask during which a hand or foot massage is performed, and moisture replenishment. The intensive facial massage is the highlight of the treatment, starting with a manual massage, and moving on to using GuaSha techniques with the Hayo’u tools to deliver healthy, radiant skin.

After the treatment

This exclusive treatment delivers healthy, radiant skin instantly. When booked regularly, skin will become more toned, firmer, lifted, with a natural glow.

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