Oxygen Sparkling Glow Facial

What is an Oxygen Sparkling Glow Facial?

Feeling tired and lacking vivre? This 60 minute Glow Getter is the perfect oxygen triple threat pick-me-up.

Try – it during your lunch break! This treatment targets dull, dry, and lackluster skin.

Indications for an Oxygen Sparkling Glow Facial

Recommended for: dull, dry, and lackluster skin.

The Treatment

We begin with a double cleanse, followed by an acupressure face massage and Organic Apple Malic Acid Peel to gently dissolve impurities, while prepping your skin for maximum absorption of the “Best in Show” SparkLING Makeover O2 Mask.

Finally, we infuse our Oxygen Plasma Potion serum and Oxygen Plasma Glow moisturiser with our the Energy Lift device.

After the treatment

Skin will be vibrant, dewy and ready for any occasion.

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