DNA Do Not Age Facial

What is a DNA Do Not Age Facial?

A state-of-the art anti-ageing facial using Nobel Prize winning youth breakthrough ingredient Teprenone to reverse our cellular DNA degeneration and Rare Swiss Apple stem cells to promote rejuvenation of youthful skin cells.

This process promotes both facial skin and body wellness along your spine. This facial is designed to relax, refresh, and renew.

Indications for a DNA Do Not Age Facial

Recommended for: premature and ageing skin types.

The Treatment

The skin is double cleansed, then massaged with customised serum under steam.

Double peels are applied to gently dissolve dead skin cells, dirt, and debris, leaving your face cleaner, brighter, and ready to absorb our specially targeted serums. Extractions performed. Customised masks are then applied. Using the custom designed Ling Energy Lift machine to contour, lift, and firm, we simultaneously infuse our famous Apple Stem Cellular Energy serum and DNA DoNotAge Cellular Youth Extension cream deep into your skin.

After the treatment

You will leave visibly relaxed and wearing a  glow worthy of the red carpet.

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