Champagne Rose O2 Facial

What is a Champagne Rose O2 Facial?

This 60 minute facial combines deep cleansing, energising and oxygenation of the complexion. Great for firming and contouring.

Indications for a Champagne Rose O2 Facial

Recommended for: all skin types for deep cleansing, rejuvenation, firming and contouring.

The Treatment

The Champagne Rose O2 Facial consists of a therapeutic face, neck, and shoulder massage to relax, an organic apple peel to digest skin impurities, and our Champagne Rose O2 Mask to deeply cleanse, energise, and oxygenate the complexion.

The facial concludes with Ling’s very own Energy Lift treatment, a heated tourmaline gemstone utilized to infuse oxygen into the skin while also firming and contouring for an instant non-invasive facelift.

After the treatment

Skin may be slightly red which will disappear quickly.

There is little social downtime, and it is advised to avoid wearing makeup for the rest of the day. The skin will feel instantly well hydrated, firmer and lifted. After about 4 days maximum, skin will be clear and glowing, skin tone will be lifted and contouring will be visible immediately.

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