C The Difference Antioxidant Facial

What is a C The Difference Antioxidant Facial?

This 60 minute facial is a concentrated vitamin C solution facial specially designed to even skin tone, provide anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage, promote collagen production and lighten pigmentation caused by overexposure to the sun.

Indications for a C The Difference Antioxidant Facial

Recommended for: sun damage, sun spots, ageing, uneven skin tone.

The Treatment

The Facial consists of skin cleansing, massage under steam with customised serum, double peel, extractions, customized masks and 12% Vitamin C solution.

After the treatment

Skin may be slightly red which will disappear quickly.

There is little social downtime, and it is advised to avoid wearing makeup for the rest of the day. The skin will feel instantly well hydrated, firmer and lifted. After about 4 days maximum, skin will be clear and glowing, skin tone will be lifted and the complexion will be clearer and brighter.

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