Hydrafacial Brightening

What is Hydrafacial Brightening?

This treatment is a customised Hydrafacial using the Britenol serum. Britenol™ is specially formulated to target dark spots and sun damaged areas. Britenol™ is clinically proven to leave skin glowing with a more even complexion. Ingredient Highlights:

Alpha-Arbutin is derived from bearberry extract to brighten the appearance of dark spots

Vitamin C exhibits antioxidant properties, and gives skin added brightness

Indications for Hydrafacial Brightening

This treatment is suitable for skin with dark spots, sun damage and pigmentation.

The Treatment

HydraFacial uses specifically designed application tips which gently exfoliate the skin using a dermaplaning motion. The spiral tips allow the unique skin serums selected to suit your skin type to remain longer on the skin whilst the spiral edges are designed to push the serums deeper into the skin – producing a plumped up effect.

After the treatment

Skin will be glowing with a more even complexion, and minimal downtime.

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