BTL Vanquish

What is BTL Vanquish?

BTL Vanquish ME is the newly developed, maximum energy (ME) non-invasive fat removal device that uses multi polar radio frequency for non-contact treatment of subcutaneous fat.

It’s ideal for targeting the abdomen, as the applicator treats flank to flank right across the midsection, and it also targets love handles, saddlebags and inner thighs and is safe for all skin colours, including tanned. It has the largest treatment spot size in the industry and calculates the settings required automatically, based on the patient’s fat. Vanquish ME is FDA cleared for Deep Tissue Heating and also has FDA clearance for Circumference Reduction and will cause apoptosis (fat cell death) of 60% of the fat cells in a treated area (compared to just 28% using Coolsculpting). Not only does Vanquish ME offer the largest treatment spot size in the industry, it also offers more than double the fat cell death than Coolsculpting.

Indications for BTL Vanquish

The ideal patient has mid to moderate adipose tissue to treat, and is within 20 pounds of their ideal weight. Treatment is for the abdomen, flanks, and thighs.

Anyone age 21 upwards can have this treatment and it’s suitable for anyone who wants permanent fat destruction without surgery, regardless of skin colour. Even tanned skin (fake or natural) can safely have this treatment. The ideal patient has mid to moderate adipose tissue to treat and is around 20 pounds of their ideal weight. There are some people who aren’t suitable for Vanquish ME due to certain health reasons. Your Therapist will be able to discuss this with you in more detail.

The Treatment

Treatments last between 30-45 minutes and a course of 4-6 treatments are advised for optimal results (usually 4), spaced 7-10 days apart. This treatment should not hurt at all and no anaesthetic is required.

After the treatment

After a Vanquish ME treatment you may see some reddening of the skin, which should dissipate rapidly and your treatment area will feel warm. Some people find some heat remains for up to a couple of hours after treatment but it is barely noticeable. This is a walk in, walk out treatment.

Results start to show 7-10 days after the first treatment, however most people start to notice after their second treatment. Even after your final treatment, you will find your body is still changing up to a month after that last treatment.

Following a course of Vanquish ME you will find that your results are permanent as once we kill the fat cells, they cannot return. However, whether you see an increase in the remaining fat cells in your body is dependent on your lifestyle and other factors such as diet, how much you drink, whether you exercise or not? You may have removed the fat cells from your problem area, however you have millions of fat cells remaining which are more than happy to expand if you overeat!

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