Meso Threadlift

What is Meso Threadlift?

Meso threads are used in this non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment for rejuvenation and lifting of the sagging skin tissue of the face, neck or body. The contours of the treated area are restored. Meso threads are made from polydioxanone, which has been used safely in surgery for decades due to its antibacterial and anti-allergic effects.

Lift threads act to “reinforce” the skin. They can be inserted into multiple skin layers in several directions. Most importantly, the threads are made of a biodegradable material, i.e. a surgical, absorbable suture. Therefore, lift threads are completely absorbed by the tissue after insertion. This process happens within 180-240 days after the treatment. The treatment leaves no visible skin defects and no limitations of facial expressions.

As the lift threads are slowly absorbed, new collagen is gradually formed in place of the threads. This collagen remains after the suture absorption and, so to speak, creates a new natural “thread”. The lifting effect can be seen immediately after the threads have been inserted and results can continue to improve over the following three to six months. The skin becomes visibly smoother, the sagging disappears and the treated area is restored to its natural shape.

Indications for Meso Threadlift

This treatment can be performed for any area that shows signs of sagging skin and wrinkles. The treatment can be used to reverse signs of ageing, or as prevention to reinforce the skin’s structure and tone. The lifting effect is especially effective in the lower jaw, neck and above the knee areas.

The Treatment

There are various types of meso threads; the most appropriate will be chosen according to clinical consultation and assessment of the treatment areas.

Thin threads are inserted into the face through tiny incisions made in the targeted area. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and is performed under local topical anesthesia (numbing cream).

After the treatment

The result of the thread lift is immediate, with final results seen 1-2 weeks post-treatment, when any potential bruising or swelling have resolved.

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