Cinderella Lips

What is Cinderella Lips?

The Cinderella Lip Treatment allows you to try the effect of lip fillers, using isotonic saline solution, to provide a temporary lip enhancement which lasts up to 8 hours. The saline is then reabsorbed by the body and the lips return to their normal size and shape.

Indications for Cinderella Lips

This treatment is a great way for you to trial lip fillers without the commitment of the filler products. This trial allows you to experiment with size and shape before proceeding with fillers. The treatment is also suitable for those who want the effects of a lip filler treatment for a special event.

The Treatment

A fine needle is used to inject the saline to achieve the desired lip enhancement.

After the treatment

Downtime is minimal. The treatment usually takes effect immediately.

The effect lasts 8 hours on average. Side effects are uncommon and minimal.

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