Botox Lip Flip

What is Botox Lip Flip?

When used alone, Botox is injected along the top of the upper lip border to create a subtle pout by flipping out the top lip line and rolling the lip gently outward, giving the appearance of a fuller lip.

Indications for Botox Lip Flip

This treatment is suitable for clients wanting to create a pout without adding volume with fillers. It is particularly successful for treating “gummy smile”, to avoid too much of the top gum showing when you smile or laugh.

The Treatment

Small injections of Botox are made into the top sections of the orbicularis oris, the muscle that runs around the mouth. Only the superficial layers of the muscle surrounding the upper lip are targeted to allow the muscle fibres to flip the lip outward without affecting the overall function of the muscle, and therefore any mouth movements.

After the treatment

Downtime is minimal. The treatment usually takes effect after 3-5 days, however it may take 2 weeks for the maximum effect to be seen.

The effect lasts between 2 to 4 months (average 3 months). Clients who have had several injections often find the effect lasts longer. Side effects are uncommon and minimal.

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